I’ve heard countless stories from people in my life. They often begin with…

“I wish I could draw…”     “Maybe some day I’ll write that novel…”     “I miss acting…”

I’ve heard countless excuses, too.

“I’m too busy…”     “I’m blocked…”     “I’m not skilled enough…”

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If you have said or thought something like this, you are in the right place. Welcome to Artist Think!

My name is Carrie and I am here to encourage you to embrace your creative interests. You can be a working artist, a hobbyist, or someone who has never had an art class. This space is for your inspiration and motivation. I will help you develop accountability in your life to honor your creative dreams.

Be Creative

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I want to be Creative

Do You Dream?

I dream. I dream of a world where people allow their authenticity to shine through. I dream of people celebrating one another’s unique creative strengths. And I dream of people helping one another achieve their hopes and goals via channels of integrity and truth.

I dream of a world where people of all ages are always students, self-realizing individuals who strive to develop their passions and creativity in whatever form best acknowledges their person.



Let your Creativity Shine

Artist Think is a space to realize your inner creative spirit. I want you to unleash your own creativity and see how easy it is to incorporate your creative dreams (big or small) into your life. I want people to see the good and potential in themselves to make this world better. It is with your skills, your intellect, and your passion that we can achieve more. Creativity does not belong solely in an arts classroom. We all deserve more. YOU deserve more.


Embrace Your Dreams

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I want to embrace my DREAMS

The World Deserves YOU

You know that creative wish you’ve always had but quietly, and sometimes fearfully ignore? You push it down and create excuses, focus on other “priorities,” and wait for that “someday” or “right time.” Yet, it’s always there, in the back of your mind, hopeful and patient you will give it the time of day. Today is the day to say no more. Today is the day to place these creative desires in the forefront, and acknowledge your purpose and center.


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